Tasty Pep©

Tasty Pep©: a unique orange mini sweet pepper that contains no seeds! These orange mini sweet peppers have the same shape as ordinary sweet peppers, but they are smaller.

Thanks to their wonderfully sweet flavour and attractive colour many children love to eat them as a snack.

Being seedless, Tasty Pep© peppers are ideal for stuffing and for satisfying hunger cravings between meals in a most healthy way. The orange mini sweet peppers have a firm structure, so they travel well – they can be taken along to school for a sweet bite between lessons and you can use them to boost your energy level after a visit to the gym, or as a tasty snack on a day out.

Tasty Pep© is healthy pick-me-up food full of flavour, vitamins and energy!

Ideal healthy snack

Every year we make efforts to produce a new variety or find attractive innovations. It took us around four years to develop our Tasty Pep©. The product is a welcome addition to the range of sweet peppers. It’s a real convenience product – the fact that it’s seedless means that you can nibble the whole pepper, right up to the stalk. The peppers are an ideal healthy snack, and being so sweet, they are also very popular among children.